Important information when creating a Will

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Article by Richard Mackenzie

If you are going to make a Will then you will need to provide the following information to your Lawyer:

Full name, address and occupation.
Your Executors full name, address and relationship to you.
Specific bequests in the Will.
Is there a requirement for a letter of wishes in relation to personal items.
Principal beneficiaries.
Substituted and residuary beneficiaries.
Details of your assets (both real and personal) and whether they are held individually, jointly or through a body corporate or trust and your relationship to those body corporates and/or trusts.
Insurance and superannuation policies.
Business interests such as partnerships.
Interests in other estates or personal estates.
Armed with this information you can then make an appointment to see your Lawyer and arrange to have your Will drawn.

You will need to consider whether there are special features in you Will, such as protective trusts for a handicapped beneficiary or creating Testamentary Trusts within your Will if your assets are somewhat extensive.

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