Why choose us?

If you are involved in a dispute as a shareholder in a company, the experienced lawyers at Eales & Mackenzie can provide you with relevant, practical legal advice in relation to your rights and obligations as shareholder. If the matter can be settled outside of Court, we will endeavour to do so as we understand that the resolution of differences or the agreed payment of fair market value for a minority shareholding is a better alternative to risking the large investments of time and money that have been spent developing a business. However, if litigation is deemed necessary, you can be assured that the lawyers at Eales & Mackenzie will vigorously act on your behalf to protect your interests and rights.

Our approach

With prompt action, the assistance of an experienced lawyer from Eales & Mackenzie and the tactical use of proceedings, disputes can often be resolved in a way that allows the parties to exit a shareholder agreement or reach a resolution to the dispute that fosters the ongoing shareholder relationship between the parties.

Even in instances where a client owns a minority shareholding, there are various options available for that client through various Court orders where the conduct of a company’s affairs is either:

  • Contrary to the interests of the shareholders as a whole; or
  • Oppressive to, unfairly prejudicial to, or unfairly discriminatory against, a member or members whether in that capacity or in any other capacity.

Protecting your interests

Business is not always plain sailing. Personal and business relationships breakdown and sometimes you or your organisation might feel that your interests in a business are not being properly looked after. You may even feel that you are being excluded from important decisions regarding the operation of a business entirely. If you believe that your interests in a business are not properly being looked after or that you are being excluded from important decision making, the lawyers at Eales & Mackenzie can guide you through the delicate process involved in the resolution of shareholder disputes.

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