Why choose Eales & Mackenzie for Commercial Litigation in Melbourne?

Eales & Mackenzie offer commercially-focused, expert advice in relation to all aspects of Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution. As a leading Australian firm in commercial disputes, we understand the importance of exploring all resolution options, providing our clients with a clear and thorough assessment of their position and informed recommendations on the most commercial and cost-effective solutions. With years of experience in providing services for commercial litigation in Melbourne, we aim to help our clients avoid litigation by resolving the dispute as quickly and economically as possible. However, where litigation has been deemed unavoidable by our commercial litigation lawyers, we aim to minimise the impact, costs and uncertainty involved by taking decisive, vigorous and prompt action.

Our experience

Examples of the types of disputes we deal with regularly are:

Our approach

If you are experiencing fundamental disagreements with a business partner over the continued or initial operations of a business, an early consultation with our commercial litigation lawyers can help ensure the early resolution of the dispute, and therefore reduce the risk of later being involved in a costly litigation proceeding. We understand that disputes relating to commercial issues can play a significant part in both private and commercial affairs. Therefore at Eales & Mackenzie, we seek to resolve the dispute at the most appropriate and earliest opportunity, understanding that all commercial disputes are unique in nature and in many cases will involve additional considerations when seeking to protect the ongoing commercial relationship between the parties involved throughout the commercial litigation or dispute resolution process.

Our focus

At Eales & Mackenzie, we understand that every client wants an expeditious and cost-effective result, a result that can only be achieved through the careful consideration of all resolution opportunities available and through the thorough, personal understanding of the specific details of the commercial dispute at hand. This is why our focus is to clearly understand your goals and to keep you informed and educated throughout each step. This ensures that the resolution is not only commercially and economically focused, but is also client-focused.

Our reputation

The combination of a firm commitment to our clients best interests, commercial understanding, industry specific knowledge and experience in the handling of complex litigation, has cemented Eales & Mackenzie’s reputation as a leading provider in Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution in Melbourne.

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