Our commitment

At Eales & Mackenzie, we understand the importance of providing well-informed, personal and cost effective services in relation to Wills and Succession Planning. We are committed to a client-focused service, working with you to ensure that your Will, business and personal succession plans are prepared correctly. Through consultation with our experienced lawyers, your Will and plans will reflect your intentions for the financial well being and ongoing care of your loved ones and the continued operation of your business.

Our experience

Eales & Mackenzie offer expert advice in the following areas of wills and succession planning;

Early consultation with one of our experienced lawyers can ensure your peace of mind, no matter what stage of the process you are involved in.

Ongoing expert advice

At Eales & Mackenzie we understand that circumstances change and that the best way to ensure that your Will and plans reflect your current intentions and circumstances is through regular consultation with an experienced lawyer. We can assist you in updating your Will and ensuring that additional or removed beneficiaries are updated according to the strict requirements of the law. Regular consultation with a lawyer at Eales & Mackenzie will ensure that your Will remains current for the financial protection of your loved ones, and minimizes your chances of your family becoming involved in a Will dispute during the distribution of your estate.

Protecting your interests

At Eales & Mackenzie we not only assist our clients in the preparation of Wills and Succession plans, but can also act on their behalf in any Will disputes that can arise in the distribution of an estate. Early consultation with one of our experienced lawyers can ensure that any disputes are resolved promptly and with a view of protecting the ongoing family relationship. With extensive experience in the area of Will disputes, we provide our clients with a range of dispute resolution alternatives that are context specific, client-focused and cost-effective.



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