Why choose us?

At Eales & Mackenzie we specialise in all aspects of debt recovery, with our team of experienced lawyers taking the time to formulate client-focused, pro-active strategies that consider your commercial interests and legal needs.

Our experience

We have extensive experience in guiding our clients through all aspects of debt recovery, from early demands through to litigation if necessary in the specific circumstances. Common examples of our experience in recoveries include:

  • Assistance in the resolution of landlord/tenant debt disputes
  • Acting on behalf of businesses in the recovery of debts and negotiating payments
  • Negotiating settlement of debts.

Our cost-effective approach

The longer the debt remains unpaid, the greater the risk that you will not recover the monies and greater the amount you will be required to spend in attempting to recover the debt. Therefore, at Eales & Mackenzie our business lawyers in Melbourne believe that the most efficient debt recovery approach is one that minimises debts in the first place. We are therefore committed to educating our clients on effective prevention techniques in order to ensure that they are adequately protected from such a position in the future.

Depending on the facts of each situation, there are a range of legal remedies available. We understand that there are generally two types of debtors – those disputing payment and those avoiding payment, and therefore we approach each type of debtors differently. Our recovery procedures are therefore personal whilst remaining streamlined to remain cost-effective for our clients.

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