Our commitment

At Eales & Mackenzie we are committed to providing expert commercial and retail lease advice to both tenants and landlords. Our lawyers have considerable experience in both commercial and retail leases across a wide variety of industries, providing our clients with extensive and complete legal advice from the negotiation through to the conclusion or termination of your lease.

Our experience

At Eales & Mackenzie, our experience is extensive. Our understanding of various retail laws across jurisdictions allows us to produce the best business and legal results for major retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand. We also enjoy ongoing relationships with our commercial clients, who seek ongoing advice concerning their commercial lease requirements and are regularly involved in litigation both in the retail and commercial space on behalf of our client base.

In the retail sector, our lawyers have extensive experience across a range of retail spaces, including retail premises in bars and restaurants, clothing, food, medical, allied health industries, hotels and service industry clients. Our other areas of expertise in the field of Commercial and Retail leases include;

  • Permitted use of the premises
  • Transfer of lease
  • Sublease
  • Rent review
  • Termination of lease
  • Negotiation for the terms of the lease (including rent, duration and renewal options)
  • Hours of trading
  • Insurance requirements
  • Lease disputes
  • Responsibility for the repair and maintenance of the premises
  • Offers to lease


We understand the importance of drafting a lease agreement that reflects the commercial and legal interests our landlord clients invest into a property. We take the time to understand your specific requirements no matter how complex, ensuring that the lease includes the specific matters that are relevant to your premises and to the industry or use for which the premises is being leased.


If you require a premises for the day-to-day operations of your business, expert commercial leasing advice can be crucial to the ongoing success of your business. At Eales & Mackenzie we believe in educating our clients, ensuring that we explain all the terms and conditions of the lease to ensure that you understand your legal rights and obligations and potential risks before you enter into an agreement.

At Eales & Mackenzie, our commercial lawyers in Melbourne can assist you throughout the negotiation of a lease, ensuring that the final form reflects your commercial interests and is individually tailored to your unique circumstances. Consultation with an experienced lawyer before signing a lease can save you from significant legal and financial troubles later.



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