• consider a cohabitation or financial agreement before entering into a marriage or defacto relationship if you have substantial assets in your name.
  • get financial advice from your accountant or financial advisor before committing to any agreement.
  • know your financial position and seek advice if you have any queries at all about it.
  • get competent advice before you sign anything or agree to anything
  • make sure any agreement you reach after a separation about financial settlement or payment of child support is done legally.
  • make a new Will after a separation and review the nominated beneficiaries of any superannuation policies in your name.
  • Keep copies of everything!

Do Not

  • sign everything your partner puts before you without reading and understanding it first
  • try to negotiate a settlement with an ex who refuses your request for information or refuses to answer financial questions.
  • sign anything or agree to anything after separation if you are emotionally distressed or unable to think clearly – ask for time to consider proposals and then get competent advice.
  • accept all of the advice you are given by your friends and relatives without discussing your issues with your accountant, counsellor or family lawyer in Melbourne.

Please note:

You should not act only on the basis of material contained in these family law tips because the contents are of a general nature only and may be liable to misinterpretation in particular circumstances. Do not act on any of the contents of this leaflet without first obtaining specific advice from your own solicitor or Eales & Mackenzie.

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