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Article by Richard Mackenzie

Just recently I had to make a whirlwind visit to both the UK and the US from March 23, 2015 and returning some eight days later. The reason for my visit was in relation to a large deceased estate in the UK together with meetings with business and commercial lawyers who are associated with our practice here in Melbourne.

I then travelled to the US, seeing commercial clients in Washington DC and Philadelphia, and in Washington spent time with the head of the in-house commercial law team for that particular NASDAQ-listed corporation.

I think it is important to bring it to our clients’ attention that we are associated with legal practices in other jurisdictions and through those associations we can help our business and commercial clients who have activities, in this case in the UK and or the US, with their legal work through those associations. These associations extend to other jurisdictions, especially our near neighbours in Asia. If you are contemplating undertaking, setting up or continuing activities in jurisdictions outside Australia, feel free to give us a call to discuss what we may be able to do in assisting those
business endeavours.

Further, if your principal place of business lies in another jurisdiction, we have considerable experience in Australia in assisting with the set up and structuring of entities that you may wish
to build.

You should contact Dick Mackenzie, our Senior Partner, on 03 8621 1000 or via email at

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