History of the Firm

Founded in 1882 by Abbott Eales, our firm is one of the most established law firms in Melbourne.

Our current Senior Partner Dick Mackenzie acquired the practice 40 years ago on 31stMarch 1973 when he finalised the purchase of the Eales & Miller firm from Duncan Eales.The name was then changed to Eales & Mackenzie to reflect the new ownership.Dick has been dedicated to the firm as senior partner ever since, and has played a key role in the growth and success of the firm.

Dean Jones joined the partnership in 2002. Our firms’ successes can be attributed to our harmonious partnership and current lawyers and staff who work together to achieve results for our clients. Without the dedication and enthusiasm of the partners, lawyers and staff we would not have achieved the level of growth that we have since the firm’s inception all those years ago.

Today our constantly evolving practice is vibrant, enthusiastic and dedicated to achieving results in the areas of Commercial Law, Property Law, Commercial Litigation, Wills and Estates, Estate Disputes and Family Law.

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